Gambling Addiction

The game is something that moves us, a boat that sails in the seas of our deepest needs: the possibility of the night to the day to make us reconcile with everything that was denied us by the life through the consumption and the status that he Give us a call. We would no longer submit to the symbolic violence of meaningless work, the tightening of collective transportation in the mornings, the slowing of time – not yet explained by science.

The game is initially this: the naive projection of a good life that is promised to us daily by TV commercials, and the greater its fragility is to these stimuli, its vanity in forming its identity through appearances, the greater will be the impact you will suffer. Scientists have already realized that winning a bet has the same effects in our brains as that of a junkie getting a shot of cocaine.

But I did not win any of the two bets:  Brazil lost to Bolivia in that opportunity, while Argentina tied with Peru. At that moment I still did not know, but having this experience was able to reframe the fanciful easy money world that began to sketch in my mind: “It’s not as easy as it seems to be.” I thought. And it was not.

So if you read this text now and suffer from gambling addiction, you may be surprised that much of the origins of this evil came in very specific event: your first bet. And it’s curious to see how many different punter destinations could have different directions with a ball on the beam, that impediment that did not come or the badly marked penalty.

Of course, other variables add up to this, we cannot deceive ourselves that a complex phenomenon like this is only explained by this fact.

The 1st free bet

The first free bet and the gambling addiction If there was a Nobel for the betting industry, the inventor of free bet would surely be the favorite to compete for such an honor. The free bet welcome bonus, more specifically the “1st free bet”, brought at the same time the following benefits to betting sites:

•          Decrease in costs

•          Increased conversions

•          Improvement of 1st experiment

Before the freebet bonus was invented, the only bonus that existed was the traditional deposit bonus we still see on most sites: the one where you deposit $ 100 and get another $ 100 in your account, for example. The freebet bonus – as you probably already know – is a kind of “token”, you get only the profits from the bet, and the bet amount is discounted.