Game Addiction Discover The Secrets That Can Make You Addicted In Casino

If you’ve been with us for some time, you know that for 3 years I worked for a betting site. It was a unique experience that allowed me to see the main practices used by the betting industry to obtain the best possible results. Everything is perfectly designed so that the bettor is encouraged to bet whenever he can. However, these practices bring a moral questioning of a problem naturally secondary to entrepreneurs in this segment: gambling addiction. In this article, we will address this issue from its causes, going through the practices used by betting sites that can stimulate this problem and even the forms of treatment.

Game addiction: it all starts with a window that has not yet been opened. The game addiction starts with a window that opens want you to think about your first kiss now. See how easy it is to remember. She probably can remember the moment, the place, and even the name of the poor thing who spontaneously (and hopefully) subjected herself to such an experience. This is an image that will most likely be alive in your memory.

Much harder, is not it? Maybe you’ll never remember. This is because the first experience has a unique power of anchorage, a window in our unconscious that had never been opened until then. Every intense experience made for the first time will leave almost absolute marks, stronger than the same experiences repeated next.

What does Vodka have to do with gambling addiction?

This phenomenon is so strong that it has already been properly appropriated by marketers, being much applied in the retail trade, and I will give here another example: Most Brazilians would think of Karloff, if you are a wealthy man you might think of Absolute.

This is due to the effect of pioneering. Several marketing studies show that being the pioneer brand has numerous advantages to register in people’s memories. Or off, being the pioneer brand of Vodka in Brazil, and, of course, having a great investment in marketing and reinforcing its good positioning in supermarket shelves, gives its brand a lasting impression on our minds.

Smirnoff used the same feature. The Ice drink is nothing more than Vodka with lemon. So why not pitch: Smirnoff Vodka with Lemon? Because the product would still be the same: Vodka, this would not guarantee a unique position in people’s minds. By inventing the name “Ice”, a new product is created, which then explores this interesting phenomenon reaching a leadership in a still unexplored space in the subconscious of the consumer.

Like every first shocking experience, I can remember with some clarity the first time I placed my bet on a site. It was in 2008, and at that time Sportingbet Brazil offered a bonus without deposit of R $ 3. It was just to create your account and the money would already be there, waiting for my first guess.

I bet $ 1.50 on Brazil’s victory over Bolivia and the other $ 1.50 on Argentina’s win over Peru in the first half. Even before the result of the bets came out, my imagination was already winning wings. I could imagine that these R $ 3 would not only be a few exchanges, but could be R $ 3 thousand.