Types Of Bonus In NJ sports Betting Sites Bets

The beginning bettor does not know the difference of a deposit bonus for a bonus of type free bet, when seeing the following situations.

Types bonus NJ sports betting sites bets

The first-time betting would find the second option much more interesting, which is exactly the most advantageous for the bookmaker, bringing a reduction in the costs of acquiring a new customer.

The word free messes with our imagination, after all, there are no risks with that, it’s free, and it could hardly have been. Therefore, in a certain way, the idea is that you will make the 1st bet for free, without compromise, you would be out of any responsibility, and there would be no risks, although in fact you need to make your first deposit for that. This brings a significant increase in the conversion of one of the main indicators observed by betting site managers: first time depositors, the customers that deposit the first time.

If the 1st bet is free, why not take the risk, right? Unfortunately that’s not how it works. Most of the bettors have a conservative profile; they will hardly use their free bet in the Catuduvense playing against Athletic MG in the full Arena Independencies crowded, on the contrary: they will make a reduced risk bet that very certainly will result in a winning bet.

See that with a simple device, NJ sports betting sites sites can signify the experience of the first bet of its users, even if this bet is not winning, it will be refunded:

Win the first bet and then the site will conquer a space hitherto inhospitable in its imaginary if you lose the negative experience will be mitigated with the refund.

Rollover becomes an essential part of this strategy in keeping the customer betting in case he wins his bet. The rollover is necessary for the betting sites, this is nothing to discuss, however one should avoid betting sites that practice abusive rollovers, like the 10bet that charges absurd 10 xs of the amount deposited plus the bonus.

Some practices that feed game addiction

Most likely you were curious about some techniques and practices used by betting sites to encourage you to bet more and more. See what I will say next does not necessarily mean that they were practiced by the betting site I worked for, but by the betting industry in general. Also note that I am not saying at any point that these NJ sports betting sites want to feed on people’s gambling addiction. No one wants to kill your chicken if you can get the golden eggs regularly. Interpret what you’re going to read just as a way to stimulate impulse betting, just like the little chocolate you buy in the supermarket queue while waiting to be served.

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